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Steak Escape

HMS signed exclusive Master Franchise for the Steak Escape brand for Iraq with Escape Enterprises Limited of Ohio, USA.

HMS has opened two Steak Escape stores in Erbil at:

* Jouhayna Centre, 100 m Road, opposite Empire and next to Immigration Dept.

* Food Court of Royal Mall, 60 m road / Shoresh

The Concept is very well suited for food-court locations and HMS is looking to subfrachise in other cities such as Baghdad and Sulymaniya. If you are interested please contact us.


About Steak Escape:

In the beginning Steak Escape restaurants have been around for more than 25 years. But the reason we’re here – the Cheesesteak – has been a staple in the neighbourhoods of old South Philly, where it was first introduced and perfected, for more than a century. In 1982, co-founders Ken Smith and Mark Turner opened the first Steak Escape store in the French Market in Columbus, Ohio. Like many of the Cheesesteak shops in South Philly, it was a small store. Which meant the only place big enough to fit the grill was right in front of their customers. But it turned out to be a good thing, because they discovered that people loved to watch the show as their meal was being prepared. Now Steak Escape restaurants can be found across the U.S. and Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. Soon Steak Escape will be open in Iraq and UAE. Each store is built on the ideal that the best way to treat a customer is to serve them quality food that’s freshly prepared before their eyes, in an atmosphere full of fun.

Always the fresh approach

If it’s not fresh, it’s not here. It’s that simple. And that good. The food we serve is fresh and made-to-order. Always. That includes our signature Sandwiches, grilled and chilled Salads, Smashed Potatoes and ice-cold Lemonade. There aren’t many places that can make that claim anymore. Here you’ll find 100% steak, whole white meat chicken breast, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh onions, mushrooms and other veggies, real cheese, fresh baked bread and real Idaho potatoes. Maybe it’s because we’re so proud of the food we serve, that we’re also proud to prepare it right in front of our customers. It’s our art, and we love to perform for you.

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