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Second Cup

HMS is developing the Second Cup brand of Canada exclusively in Iraq. Today, we have the following stores with more on the way:


* Jouhayna Centre, 100 m road, opposite Empire and next to imegration department

* Royal Mall (Ground Floor), 60 m Road / Shoresh


* Baker Hughes Base Camp in North Rumaila

* Weatherford Base Camp in North Rumaila

* Edgo Base Camp in North Rumaila (Coming Soon)

We are looking to open many more outlets including Baghdad, Sulaymania, Dohuk and more.

About Second Cup:

From a humble beginning in 1975 as a Canadian shopping mall kiosk selling only whole-bean coffee, The Second Cup Ltd. Has become Canada’s largest specialty coffee café franchisor and second-largest retailer of specialty coffee. Since its inception, The Second Cup Ltd. grown to over 360 cafés in Canada and over 65 cafés in 16 Countries internationally. The product line has also grown from simple whole-bean coffee to more than 24 premium coffees, lattes, specialty beverages, complementary foods, and merchandise items. The Second Cup brand has a high degree of retail visibility with locations in high-traffic areas in most Canadian cities, and several cities around the world. International locations include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, USA and now in Iraq. Second Cup is a franchisee driven business, focussed on delivering the Ultimate Coffee Experience to its customers, which includes products that are best in class and focusing on developing innovative, market leading products.

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